Best Web Copywriting Tips For Copywriters & Non-Copywriters

December 26, 2019

  You must be a non-copywriter. Or perhaps you are a copywriter who wants to scrutinise the advice being given here. Either way, if you grab hold of one or two pieces of copywriting advice mentioned here, like you would your favourite comfy pen, you’ll be writing your success story in no time. The key […]

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What’s In A Corporate Identity Design Document?

December 6, 2019

A CI or corporate identity design document is like your business’s passport book. It defines what your brand looks like, gives its full name and particulars, and says who it is married to, where it has been and where it is allowed to go. I would like to quickly give some insights into the subtle […]

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Some Top Tips To Help You Achieve This Important E-commerce Strategy

November 29, 2019

Right, so you’ve made use of various marketing resources that have resulted in your online store acquiring new customers. The question is: how do you retain these customers? Many businesses focus on attracting new customers and completely forget about their existing customers. Maintaining a relationship with existing customers should be right up there on your […]

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The Importance Of Local SEO And Impact On Business

November 16, 2019

Being a larger business entity comes with its perks, such as the ability to reach a larger audience across the country, or even the globe, with relative ease.This process isn’t as simple for smaller businesses, however, as those with single brick-and-mortar locations will often have to cater primarily to those located in their area, and […]

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Importance Of Brand Consistency: 5 Key Approaches For Keeping Aligned

October 28, 2019

Don’t forget that today’s users are picky. Research says that it takes about 50 milliseconds for them to form opinions about your website and decide whether they will stay on it. Apart from expecting your website to be fast, functional, and responsive across multiple devices, they also prefer websites that deliver consistent experiences, irrespective of […]

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3 Things To Know Before Diving Into Underwater Cinematography

October 12, 2019

MAKING CREATIVE, INTERESTING MARKETING VIDEOS When you create your marketing videos, who do you think of? If you said that you create your videos with your customers in mind, you are doing it right. Now let’s take that one step further and put yourself in your customers’ position. Now make a video for yourself. This […]

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App Wipes Out Your Biggest Social Media Mistakes

September 27, 2019

Vivid Digital In the business world, Social Media can make or break you and many business owners and professionals know this all too well. Imagine if you just landed your dream job with one of the largest corporations in the UK; life is good, your career is good and the world seems like it is […]

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Mistakes That Damage Your Online Reputation

September 4, 2019

Vivid SEO Online reputation management might seem like something that only large corporations should be aware of, but this isn’t really the case. If you want your small or medium enterprise to become successful, you need to take some steps to protect its reputation on the web and ensure that existing customers and prospective clients […]

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Does Social Media Make You Lonely?

August 26, 2019

Here is a question that all small business owners should be asking themselves. “Am I good at social media?” Many of us think that we are. I mean, we post family videos, pictures of our children and we chronicle every holiday that we take. We feel pretty confident in our social media abilities and that […]

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3 Tips To Grow Your Brand Using Facebook Fast

August 8, 2019

Growing your brand in a highly saturated market can be difficult and expensive. It takes the right strategy and the right timing which, for many, can be hard to understand and often overwhelming. Many business owners and experienced online marketers turn to social media as a means of growing their brand affordably and effectively. And […]

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