November 25, 2021

Tellapur : Best Chosen Investment for Luxury Villas in Hyderabad

Villas For Sale in Hyderabad

Home is a fantastic location to be since it has a high potential for creating matter for memory. It is the setting for your mood and the source of your stress relief. You might have a new set of emotions now and then.
Halcyon Homes is a new structure in Tellapur with huge and outstanding areas and unrivaled comfort. This new key structure in hand is made of high-quality materials. This villa has everything you might want, from a view of the landscaping to fountains, as well as huge living rooms and good-sized private balconies, and easily managed gardens.

The property offers three huge spaces with 4 & 5 BHKs. A wide lounge, and a large open ratio. The standalone flat also has 4 bedrooms. The villa has several recreational outdoor and indoor sports and provides conveniences for its occupants who live luxurious lifestyles. You can appreciate the gorgeous scenery as well as the cool surroundings.

Tellapur has evolved as a Hyderabad residential area. Because of its closeness to workplaces, parks, schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, and cinema halls, it is the greatest location in Hyderabad to buy a house.

Halcyon Homes of CMG Builders is a high-end luxury villa in Tellapur. This villa features 4 and 5 BHK suites. The 3429-4600 sq. ft. This gated complex encompassed land. Children’s play area, tennis court, gym center, clubhouse, jogging track, basketball court, badminton court, multipurpose hall, skating rink, and cricket field are all completely gated facilities.


Wipro Circle :8.6 km ;Gachibowli Junction :12.4 km ;BHEL/LingamPalli Junction :9.5 km ;Kollur ORR exit :4 km ;Narsingi via ORRservice road :15 km ;Kokapet :13 km.

Halcyon Homes villas at Tellapur are positioned along the outer ring road (orr), allowing homeowners to conveniently visit different regions of the city. So purchasers can hope to save time and money.

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