December 12, 2019

Datsun GO+ Facelift Review & Test Drive

Datsun Go Plus Test Drive in Mumbai

Datsun GO+ Overview

The Datsun GO¬+ is a compact MPV, which now gets additional equipment. As for the Datsun GO+ variants, it is available in five trim levels. While the model gets cosmetic changes and new features, it remains unchanged on the mechanical front with the same engine set-up powering the model. The better-kitted compact MPV is available for retail at a competitive pricing. That said, the Datsun GO+ price in India is tagged lucratively.

Datsun GO+ Appearance

Now, both the GO and GO+ were already built of Nissan’s versatile V platform that also underpins the Micra, so under the skin, nothing has changed. What has changed though is everything above it. Datsun has given both the car a complete makeover inside-out with a bunch of cosmetic changes, along with several new features. Starting with the exterior, the cars now get a heavily updated face, which like the pre-facelift model, is identical for both the GO and GO+. There is a new, larger hexagonal grille with fat chrome surrounds, while the new sweptback headlamps come with styling black highlights. The front bumper is all new and comes with some bold muscular lines, along with some sharp scooped out sections that house the new LED daytime running lights.

The cars have also grown in size, and the facelifted GO in particular is now longer by 3 mm, wider by 1 mm, and taller by 17 mm. Similarly, the GO+ is now wider by 1 mm and taller by 17 mm, although the overall length of the MPV remains under the 4-metre mark at 3995 mm. Both the car continue to come with the same 2450 mm wheelbase, however, now they sit a little higher with an increased ground clearance of 180 mm. This has been facilitated by a set of larger 14-inch 5-spoke diamond cut alloy wheels, which we have to say give the cars a much more imposing stance. Both of them, now also come with a pair of large and quite functional roof rails.Check for Datsun GO+ price in New Delhi at Autozhop.

Walk towards to rear and you’ll start noticing the actual difference between the GO and the GO+. The latter, which gets an extended rear section, features a slightly flatter tailgate with the number plate and chrome slat above it, along with a well-sculpted bumper with trapezoidal inserts on either end. The GO hatchback at the same time comes with a new slightly curvier tailgate with a completely different rear bumper that also houses the number plate and comes with carbon fibre treatment for the lower section. However, both the cars come with similar wraparound taillamps, with integrated turn single lights.

Datsun GO+ Comfort

Step inside and you’ll be welcomed by a heavily redesigned cabin equipped with premium quality plastics and smart-looking upholstery. We were given the top-end models with the optional interior package featuring black faux leather upholstery with orange accents for the GO and silver accents in the GO+. Both the GO and GO+ get an identical dashboard design with the only difference being an all-black treatment for the former and a dual tone black and grey treatment for the latter. Datsun has also added some carbon fibre elements which can be seen on the dashboard, centre console and door panels.

The cabin layout also remains unchanged with a standard five-seater format for the GO, while the GO+ continues to feature an additional third row, which in my opinion is still only suitable for maybe 2 children or to get some extended boot space with the third row folded. The GO offers a luggage space of 265 litres, while the GO+ (with the third row folded) offers 347 litres of boot space.

The 2018 Datsun GO and GO+ also feature loaded and the biggest addition is the brand new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system sourced from Blaupunkt. The system features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with Google maps navigation, voice recognition, HD video playback, and Bluetooth connectivity among others. The cars also feature a new, more informative instrument cluster with trip computer MFD (Multi-Function display), which also gets the carbon fibre treatment.

The cabin will not just keep you entertained but also safe as now, the carmaker also offers a host of safety features like dual front airbags, ABS (antilock braking system) with EBD and brake assist, along with reverse parking sensors, all as standard. This especially is a big step from Datsun, which in the past has been widely criticised for offering cars with poor safety standards.

Datsun GO+ Engine

Let’s get directly into the biggest change. The transmission. The first question that we had for Datsun officials was, “Why a CVT when you have the more affordable AMT?” The answer was very interesting. Because of the higher power output (we will come to that in a bit), the CVT was found to be more suitable. Moreover, the head-nods that are usually associated with AMTs was something Datsun didn’t want the Go and Go+ customers to experience. We think this is a fair enough reason though the fact that alliance partner Renault has clearly said that the Triber will come with an AMT is on another tangent.

Right now, one can buy the Go and Go+ with a 66hp/104Nm, 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine and a manual transmission. This is a detuned version of what one will ideally get in the Nissan Micra in India. However, for the CVT versions, Datsun has got the higher strung 75hp/104Nm from the Micra. Speaking of the transmission, there is the L mode that doesn’t let the engine shift to a higher point. It can be used in situations like going uphill or even while driving through flooded areas. You also get reverse, neutral, park and drive gates. The gear lever will only move if your foot is on the brake.To know more importance on Datsun GO+ visit Changeonslapac

Fire up the engine and you will immediately notice the enhanced refinement on offer. There are three cylinder vibrations that do creep in and we wish Datsun could have done something about it. However, given the price point, it is fair to hand it over to the company that they have done a fairly decent job. The transmission shifts without any hiccups and a newbie driver (the target customer) will not be hassled in any way. Slot into D and the car moves ahead. Part throttle responses are good and the added pep from the motor shows.

However, if its a quick overtake, stomping on the accelerator will introduce you to the rubber band effect. There is no corresponding increment in power though you see the engine revs climbing. City driveability is a no worries affair and you will not feel shortchanged at all. Maintaining highway speeds (100kmph) though will be a bit of a task as the engine became a bit noisy to our liking. Fuel efficiency wise, Datsun claims that the Go CVT will give you 20.07kmpl while the manual version with a lower power output gives 19.72kmpl. The Go+ returns a slightly lower mileage at 19.41 in the CVT version while the manual will give 19.72kmpl.

Datsun GO+ Riding

The ride quality of the Go seemed a bit stiff. It is exactly the way we remember it always was. You do feel bumps in the cabin, at low speeds. The good part though is the handling is decent. The Go+ though has a bit of body roll to it, a tad more than the Go. First time buyers will appreciate the light steering wheel while the seasoned ones will want a bit more feedback. A new or seasoned driver will also appreciate the disc-drum brakes combination that is available with the Go. They are predictable and sharp. This being said, the brake pads could be subjected to higher wear, given that one has to depend on them entirely to stop the vehicle as there is very less engine braking available on offer.

As for the stability, the Go could do with a bit more. We felt confidence a bit lacking with respect to high speed stability. However, the new cars were a bit better than the manuals we experienced last year as there is a weight increase of around 40kg. This is due to the added amount of steel for side impact as well as pedestrian protection bumpers;Apply car loan for Datsun GO+ at Fincarz.

Datsun GO+ Safety

As for braking power, it continues to get disc front brakes and drum rear units. On the safety front, the Datsun GO+ receives standard dual front airbags, vehicle dynamic control, ABS with EBD and brake assist, driver’s seatbelt reminder, and rear parking sensors. One must note that the pre-facelift version offered airbags only on the top-spec trim as an optional provision.

Datsun GO+ Price in New Delhi

Datsun Go Plus On Road Price is 4,82,046/- and Ex-showroom Price is 3,98,001/- in New Delhi. Datsun Go Plus comes in 6 colours, namely Blue,White,Ruby,Gold,Silver,Grey. Datsun Go Plus comes with FWD with 1198 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 67 bhp@5000 rpm and Peak Torque 104 Nm@4000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Datsun Go Plus comes with Manual Transmission with FWD .

Datsun GO+ Verdict

With the prices starting at ₹ 3.29 lakh for the Datsun GO and ₹ 3.83 lakh for the GO+, there is no doubt that the cars make a strong case for themselves, especially the GO+, which is still the most affordable 7-seater in India. Moreover, the cars come with a bunch of new features and creature comforts that make them a much better package compared to the pre-facelift models. Well, there are certain creases that Datsun still needs to iron out, especially if it wants the GO siblings to do some damage to its competitors’ numbers. However, the biggest problem for the Datsun, especially the GO hatchback, right now is the soon-to-be-launched Hyundai Santro, which is expected to be priced very similarly and will be at par with it in terms of features and equipment.

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