May 19, 2019

What Is Breast Augmentation & What Are The Tips For A Better Breast Augmentation Recovery


A breast augmentation procedure or enhancement, also known as a ‘boob job’, is a treatment that surgically alters the size and shape of your breasts. Breast implants come in all shapes and sizes so whether you want a subtle or more noticeable change this procedure could be right for you, providing you have thought about it carefully and consulted with a plastic surgeon.

Only a qualified cosmetic surgeon can determine whether breast augmentation is right for you, but providing you are fit and healthy and have realistic expectations of what can be achieved then surgery can be a great way of giving you more confidence in the way you look.

This surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any cosmetic procedure, and for good reason. Advanced breast implant technology has enhanced surgeons’ options for creating natural-looking results, and modern surgical techniques and pain management protocols have made the recovery process safer, quicker, and more comfortable for most patients.

Questions about recovery are some of the most common questions I hear. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that recovery is generally comfortable and uneventful for patients who follow the post-op instructions my practice provides. Following the 5 tips detailed in this blog post can also help improve the chances that your recovery will go smoothly.For more info on Breast Augmentation visit Tweetcast

Here are 5 Tips for a Better Breast Augmentation Recovery are as follows :

1. Ask for help:

You’ll need someone to transport you to and from the surgical center. You’ll also need someone to help at home. In the first couple of days, having someone to prepare meals, retrieve a book or the remote, and be there “just in case” is a great source of comfort and aid. Also, it may help to arrange for someone to care for your children and pets while you heal.

2. Create a relaxing environment:

I always encourage my patients to prepare a comfortable, relaxing place where they’ll spend most of their time as they recover. This can be done the day before surgery. Make sure you have easy access to bottled water, healthy snacks, reading material, pillows, and any remotes or electronics you’ll need.

3. Time off work:

Even though many of my breast augmentation patients in Boston feel ready to return to work after about 3 days, plan to take at least 1 week away from work if you have an office-type job. If your job requires physical exertion, expect to take more time off. We schedule all surgical procedures for Tuesdays and Thursdays, so most breast augmentation patients can return to work on Monday morning following the surgery.

4. Plan ahead:

Fill your prescriptions before the date of your surgery. Think about anything else that might be essential immediately after the procedure–surgical bras are something you’ll want to buy ahead of time. Planning ahead will help reduce stressors during your recovery.

5. Follow instructions:

I’ve created a detailed list of instructions that, when diligently followed, help improve the likelihood that your recovery will go smoothly. These instructions cover pain medication, caring for your incisions, bathing, and more, and I provide them at your pre-op appointment.

It is important to understand that the recovery process is unique for each patient. Additionally, the recovery for patients whose implants are inserted below the chest muscles (submuscular placement) is typically more involved than for those who have above-the-muscle (subglandular) placement. However, the benefits of submuscular placement make this the preferred method for most surgeons.

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